#इसमें How to get Every kind of thing in your life.

#इसमे M6y main motto in my balance life is to get full fill all type of desire by every mankind situated any corner of world. My self is Naresh kumar Sharma being owner of web sites https://naukripushti.com and http://nksharmablogger.com, I assure that I may be able to extend my service free of cost to get increasing living standard by trying to my service, motivational advice for this life and making bright my next birth if any.

#इसमे Apart from above every readers of these web sites shall feel piece in every corner of their house. I am 67 years old having good researcher about almighty God as well as to proper use of our sub-councious mind. I readed various books of various writer and at that no question is pending with me about to God. I shall try to reply of all comments offered by viewers of these web sites.


These tips shall change your life.

Try to do helping to mankind minimum once in a day please.

Having eighth set of clothes is sufficient for every person. One set of Pant and shirt can be used every day.Hence 7 sets can be used for seven days and One set should be for party wear. Kindly note that used only pressed cloth for your personality and to become famous in your society. Apart from above your shoes should required polish daily.