BJP Govt Is Going to Way of Failure.

All peoples know very well that BSNL became on 01 Oct 2000. Before this date it was a Department of Telecom. Before becoming BSNL, it was a profitable Department. Due to extending Telecom. services private license was issued to private operators.

Till date all employee’s are still part and parcel of central Govt. Retiree of BSNL are drawing up their pensions from DOT as per Agreement signed between Govt and its Unions of Telecom.

That revised pay scales has already been granted to all the central Govt employees w.e.f. 01.01 2016 and a huge amount of arrears has been given to them. It is a matter of great regret that revised pay scales to BSNL employees and as well as to BSNL pensioners, who are getting pension from DOT have not been granted. It is not known what is the fault of employees ? Why the concerned officers of DOT are silent ?

At this stage slogan of BJP sabka sath sabka vikas are totally failed and in my opinion this govt is totally against the employees and it seems that future of this Govt is in dark and all peoples should change this Govt immediately.